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The block - a house

The block - a house
  • The block - a house
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Country of manufacture:Russia

The block - a house or imitation under a bar – one of the most popular finishing materials in Russia.

The block - a house not to compare decorative properties to other finishing materials: firm, strong, not giving in to rotting also does not darken as the rounded log over time.

We make the block - a house of the class "AV" and "C" from wood of coniferous breeds.
The block - the house made of a pine is more durable as pitches impregnate wood in the natural way and give it high rates of moisture-proofness.
To order the block - a house of the necessary size you can, using a feedback form on the page, or by phone specified on the website.

Country of manufacture: Russia
Wood species: Pine
Information is up-to-date: 10.01.2018

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